Communal Political program: short version

Decent working conditions
The Left Party believes that work and economic security is a human right. We want the city of Helsingborg to be a good employer for all employees.

Therefore we want:

• A clear and active perspective on equality

• That full time work is the norm, part time work is a possibility

• To abolish divided working shifts

• To increase the salary levels generally for employees in school, Health and social care

• To offer 6-hour working days for employees in health care

• To create safer employments and strengthen the labor laws

Homes for everyone
Today there is an immediate lack of apartments in Sweden, also in Helsingborg. Especially there is a lack of rental apartments with reasonable rents. The goal for a good housing policy is that all inhabitants in Helsingborg have the possibility to get a home of their own.

Therefore we want:

• That ”Helsingborgshem” shall have a goal to build at least 500 rental apartments each year

• To offer rental guaranties to more people

• To stop the sale of communal apartments

• To introduce a communal apartment agency

A solidary social policy
Municipal social services should be the ultimate safety net for people who find themselves in financial or social crisis. Social services’ prevention and outreach activities should be prioritized. Therefore we want

• That more social workers are employed

• To introduce a social fund for investments

• That Helsingborg fights against child poverty through target actions

• That the women´s helpline gets an annual rental grant

• That the ”Apartment first”- program is expanded but complemented with quick access accommodations

A living city
We want to increase accessibility for all groups and to work against segregation. We want to create good conditions to live in all parts of the city.

Therefore we want:

• To prioritize people’s movements in the city, not the car traffic

• Helsingborg to become a pilot municipality for zero tariff on public transports

• To promote a railway station in Utvälinge

• To provide good conditions for trade in both city and countryside areas

• That ”Ångfärjestationen” is not removed

That all inhabitants in Helsingborg shall have access to Öresundskraft’s fiber network

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