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Make yourself heard in the local referendum on January12th, vote for a

NO SALE of Öresundskraft!

Why you should vote for a No sale
• Öresundskraft belongs to the citizens
• Privatization make the prices go up
• We need a sustainable society now
The referendum takes place on Sunday the 12th of January 2020. Pre-voting is open 2nd – 11th of January.
As a citizen of Helsingborg, you can make use of your democratic right to influence on decisions regarding our common property. The privatization experiment of our common welfare, led by the right wing parties, has gone too far. the time has come to say no!
Vote “NO” in the referendum on January 12th.

Common welfare, owned by the people.

For a sustainable future now!

Öresundskraft belongs to the citizens
That what we own, we can change for the better. A private company cares about making profit, not the welfare of the people. If we sell, we have no say in future decisions, nor ownership.
Privatization results in higher energy prices
History speaks for itself: Municipalities who have sold of their energy companies, today regret their decisions. In both Malmö, Uppsala and Stockholm, we can see the result: privatization lead to higher energy prices.
For a sustainable society
Today we are facing challenging climate changes – we need sustainability now! Öresundskraft is in the frontline of developing sustainable technologies. A fair transition into a sustainable future,, must be led by the democratic will of the people, not by hope for voluntary actions from private business.
Vote for a “NO SALE” on January12th


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